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biggest lie about post SCS world...

What "pearl of wisdom" did SCS tell you about the post-SCS world that doesn't hold true at all?

For me, it's the concept that in high school, you can do well by memorizing info, but in university, you have to UNDERSTAND the information rather than memorize it.

This has been proven wrong time and time again for me, in both science and non-science courses. My superior capacity to memorize when I was at SCS has diminished to nothing, and my understanding of different concepts has gone up. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I would be doing better in school if I had a better memorization capacity rather than understood all the concepts... I'm sure, in the "real world", understanding is crucial... but in university it's not. They don't care whether you understand the role of x or whatnot, they want to know the 5 word-for-word terms as defined by a certain author that encapsulate what x does. If you don't know the terms, you're screwed, no matter what your understanding.

bah sorry I'm just frustrated trying to study for exams... please, share yours (and they don't have to strictly be academic either)
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