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This is the best thing I have ever seen!

Hi everyone! I was on msn talking to Geraldine Dabu and she told me about this so I had to check it out. It's the best thing ever! It's so great to know that so many other people hated the school, lol!

Name: Louise Cook
Years at SCS: 3 long long years 1999-2002
Why you might remember me: I was the English girl who constantly complained about the school and how I couldn't wait to leave! I was also probably the smallest in our grade!
Now: Currently studying Hotel Management at, wait for it, George Brown college Toronto (Shock, Horror!!! An SCS student went to....a college, yes one of those dreadful places that is not a university!!!) Trust me Senders was not happy with me wanting to go there but it was a great decision. Plus no universities around here have hotel management courses!
Interesting story: Well in my OAC year I met a guy who I was pretty serious about and I decided that I wanted to stay here with him instead of going back to live in England (which up til then had been the plan) so Senders found out when I told her I wasn't going to uni. She then proceded to take me into her office for a "little chat". She told me not to waste my life on boys and that I would be ruining my life if I stayed and that my boyfriend was probably no good anyway and was only using me because he thought I was going back to England (yes she really said all this!). Well guess what?!!? We've now been together for 2 years and 9 months, we're living together and are blissfully happy, and to top it all off I'm getting way better grades than I ever did at SCS! Take that Senders!!!
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