jojo (sillygyrl8) wrote in scs,


hmmm.. i landed here after going to alex leitch's rowdy media page. (i wanted to order some buttons for friends for graduation =)).

so here it goes:
name: Jo(anna) Leung
years at SCS: 92-99 (i think?)
Grads of '99! - sigh - almost 6 years already

what have i done since scs: university of western ontario (twice), worked a whole bunch and somehow ended up home in TO, broke and at Centennial College doing a 3 year Business Operations Management diploma (it was much more interesting than economics and accounting!!!). I'm done and just landed a job at Colgate-Palmolive Canada in their planning department - HA to those who never thought I would finish what I started (twice proven wrong now - high school and a post-secondary diploma!). After contract ends, i think i'll head back to school (again!) and finish off a degree at Ryerson.

talk to you all laters,
keep in touch

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